Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 11/25 - 12/1

My training has tapered off a bit the past few weeks due to a hamstring pull. I was kind of waiting to see what setback I would encounter first and that was it. Between the strength training and mileage build up, I was bound to find a weak spot. It has been a nagging injury, but a good one to remind me that I have to build back up slowly. While I am currently dreaming of 2014 races and goals, the emphasis really has to be on consistency and patience day to day. Anytime you embark on a big race, the sage advice is to start slowly, let your body and mind get comfortable, and then build momentum as you go. That example is surely something I can follow right now.

Probably the best news to report is that I really have not thought much about my knee the past few weeks. I am reasonably confident in saying that it is fixed. In reality, it will probably be another month or two before I am totally recovered, but the early returns are very positive.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 2Gentle Hamstring test
Full Body Strength Training
Tuesday Off Drove to St George, UT
WednesdayOff Rest
ThursdayOffSkipped St George Gobbler
Friday5 Easy 5
Saturday 5Easy 5 before leaving UT
Sunday 4Recovery Run
Total 16

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