Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2016 Update - Wasatch Front

The Wasatch Front 100 lottery was held on Saturday and I got in. It was truly unexpected -- though I found out later the odds were better than 50% -- and it has caused me to finalize plans for 2016. Prior to the lottery, I had almost made up my mind I was taking the year off 100s. All I really know about the race is that it is stinking hard, alleged to be beautiful, and they are changing the course in 2016. Should be fun! The good news is that I do not project favorably as a 24-hour finisher, so I can approach the race and training with perhaps a little less stress and see if I can figure out a way to enjoy the journey a bit more this time. I love trail ultra running, but I simply must come to a place where I can enjoy them more and "compete" in them less in order to continue on this path. The training takes a toll on my body and feels like it puts me at odds with home life more than I'd like.

Marathon training is going well and I am extremely happy with my decision to do this. In fact, I am somewhat disappointed that I haven't done more structured workouts the past four years and have allowed myself to be too specific in the trail and ultra world. I love that world, but you can have too much of a good thing. Anyhow, there is an argument to be made that I this is the hardest I've trained for any marathon -- extremely focused and disciplined workouts day after day. Previous marathons plans more informal, jumping around between ultra plans, Pftiz plans, and Hudson plans. Recent workouts have given me confidence that a 3:12 is possible. However, my acceptance into Wasatch means this is a one shot deal, at least for 2016.

I am eagerly awaiting Spring and dry dirt to get back out on the trails. This year, I hope to do it much fitter and keep an edge of "quality" to my training, which likely includes taking a step backwards in volume (both miles and vertical gain).