Leadville Trail 100

As many of you know, I have quite a big year planed in 2012. However, the Leadville Trail 100 is without a doubt the cornerstone to the year. I will be blogging about it regularly because I like to analyze things and because it keeps my motivation to train high. I have started this page as a one-stop page that links all my LT100 blog posts and will edit it as I add new content.
  • Crew and Pacers - an introduction to my crew and pacers.
  • Nutrition and Hydration - the first post of what will likely be many...
  • Race Day Strategy - aid station by aid station strategy, notes, and break down.
  • Pacing Strategy - this is an article on how I plan to approach race day. This may seem a bit early, but I think I generally know what I am capable of and the strategy is pretty loose, allowing for a lot variability on my first attempt.
  • Training Strategy - this is by far the most fluid thing in this blog so far. I get bored easily and change my training plans frequently. But the content related to tune-up events and training sites should not change unless I get injured.
  • The Journey Begins - what a memorable day that was! I went back and forth about signing up this year for months -- though I always knew I would -- and that 20 seconds of courage it took to hit the "submit" button will live in my memory for a long time.
Here are some other good links to review from others:

And, finally, here are a few of my favorite race reports: