Monday, August 22, 2016

Wasatch 100 - Race Plan

This blog will serve as more of an itinerary and basic plan for the crew for the four days of the race. For a more detailed information on course splits, go here.


Chuck and AJ to depart about 6 am, expected to be in Salt Lake by 2 pm
Race check-in starts at noon Pre Race Meeting is at 4 pm
Steve and Heather expected between 5 and 6 pm
Staying at Home2 Suites by Hilton
803 Heritage Park Boulevard, Layton, UT 84041
Broncos play at 6:30 pm (will find dinner and a place to watch)

Race Start

When: 5 am
Expected temps: 60 degrees with sun up at 7 am
Gear: AK Vest, race shorts, Omin Freeze shirt, small headlamp, Superior 2 w/ gaiters
Food: 4 bars, 5 packets of Skratch
Other items: sun screen, sun glasses, medical items, smaller headlamp, 3 water bottles
Breakfast: eggs, coffee, Vespa

Big Mountain *

Where: mile 32
When: 1 - 2 pm
Pacer: Steve for the next 13 miles
Expected temps: 70+ degrees, the heat of the day likely to be next 30 miles
Special notes: Vespa, water bottle with Bio Steele
Food: 2 bars, 3 packets of Skratch

* Big Mountain is a limited crew area.  You are not allowed to hang out.  You'll have to check in "Mountain Dell" (aka "Little Dell") info point and wait until I have cleared Swallow Rocks (mile 27).

Lambs Canyon **

Where: mile 45
When: 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Pacer: Chuck for the next 22 miles
Special notes: Vespa, gear for night and cold, good headlamp, drop bag
Food: 2 bars, 3 packets of Skratch

** Lambs has been removed as a crew station.  If Steve paces from Big Mountain to here, then you'll have to pick him up *after* I have left the aid station and after having dropped Chuck off.  Once you've picked Steve up, you can go check in at the hotel in Park City.


Where: mile 67
When: 10:30 pm - 12 am
Expected temps: 30 degrees (possibly colder) with sun down at 8 pm
Pacer: Steve for the next 24 miles (expect it to be cold w/ lots of hiking)
Special notes: Vespa, water bottle with Bio Steele, maybe a Redbull (?)
Food: 2 bars, 3 packets of Skratch

Top of the Wall 

Where: mile 91
When: 4 - 6 am
Pacer: Heather for the next 9 miles

Night of and after Race

Stay at Silver King Hotel in Park City, UT
1485 Empire Ave. Park City, UT 84060
Driving directions to and from aid stations

Other items to bring

Borrow Tim's jet-boil
Starbucks instant coffee
Borrow Chuck's medium size cooler
Camping chairs
Small tent