Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 12/9 - 12/15

Pretty good week overall with consistent workouts in all varieties. And I broke the 30 mile per week barrier. While the outcome didn't match the effort, I gave a race effort at the 5K on Saturday. Sunday was another hard day due in part to the vertical and in part to the so-so conditions of the trails on Mt Falcon. I was pretty beat Sunday evening and will ease into this week. My quad are a tiny bit stiff/sore from all the breaking on the downhill segments, I clearly need to re-acclimate them and work on my downhill running again.

I have a good start (60+ miles) already in my goal of breaking 100 for the month. Hopefully things continue on a positive track because I am going to have to start signing up for some races soon and I really don't want any negative thoughts heading into that.

As a comparison, I have been tracking my training using Joel Friel's Advanced Trimp score, which basically seeks to measure the training stress placed on your body. The score weights time in higher heart rate zones at a multiplying rate to indicate additional stress on your body. You sum the scores each week to measure the training stress. When I am doing even moderate running (4 days a week and 25 miles), my scores tend to be 300-500. A typical base type week will be around 600 and peak weeks are usually over 800. My training this week was a 640, thanks largely to the large amount of time I spent in Zones 3 - 5 this weekend. I guess the point of that is to say that this was a decent week overall.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 5Easy w/ strides
Full Body Strength
Tuesday Off Rest
Wednesday7 6 x 20 sec Fartkleks
Full Body Strength
Thursday4Recovery with Johanna
FridayOff Rest
Saturday 4Santa Stampede 5k
Yoga for the Core
Sunday 11Mt Falcon
Total 31

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