Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 5/6 - 5/12

Busy week in training. I hit the gym HARD twice (Monday and Thursday) and filled in with a bunch of easier Core/Stabilization/PT-type workouts. After 12 days off, I ran easy on Friday to test out my body and prepare for a run Saturday. Saturday was another disappointing run with ITB pain. I rode my bike on Sunday and continue to re-evaluate my options for health.

I think I made a bit of a discovery this week: balance may be a component missing in my cross training. Anatomy for Runners has several pillars to evaluate yourself and work on: strength, flexibility, balance, etc... There is lots and lots of sources asserting a theory/belief/ideology around runners as being "athletes" first. And, of course, one of the basics of almost any athletic endeavor is balance. Balance requires not only proper muscle strength, but proper muscle activation. And it requires many groups of muscle working together -- hips, core, etc.... For example, when I try that single leg stance, after a few repetitions, I can feel my Glute Med burning! That is one of the most common muscle to try and target with all these PT exercises. Anatomy for Runners really pushes balance as an area to practice and I have probably ignored it in my blitz of cross training.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Off PT and Strength Training
Tuesday Off PT and Core Training
WednesdayOff PT and Core Training
ThursdayOffPT and Strength Training
Friday5 Easy Miles
Saturday 9GA Miles
Sunday Off PT and Core Training
Total 14About 1100 Feet Vertical

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