Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 3/19 - 3/25

I am a bit gity about this week. First of all, my injury concerns are subsiding with each run. And, I got a lot of good work done -- some vertical, a trail run, a hard long run, and a tempo run. And frankly, I think I am as fit as I was before the Vegas marathon in December. The trick now is to stay with the plan, which is a balance of rest, physical therapy, stretching, cross training, and quality training. I have started a regimine of squats to go with my hill climbing work. My goal is to have quads built to take lots of hard descending on race day. In case you cannot tell, I am riding another high right now.

Maybe the one lowlight is that I am dealing with a couple of blisters. In an effort to do damage control after the fact, I tore one toenail completely off. The sudden change in temperatures or mixing in new shoes are possible culprits, but I have not traditionally had much trouble with either. Or maybe it is the thinner socks I have been trying out?

Since I am on vacation the first half of this week, I will likely shift my running schedule. This will allow me to take Thursday off after a late night arriving home.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 8 Tempo
Tuesday 5 Recovery
Wednesday6 Recovery
Thursday4Hills on TM (max 21%)
Saturday 12 Deer Creek Trail
Sunday 15 Middle 5 miles quarter mile intervals.
Total 50 About 5800 vertical feet

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