Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 12/31 - 1/6

Training is going so good right now. I really think I am just about as fit as I can be. I sort of wish I could just taper and then race! This week had a little of everything -- a big vertical trail run, mile repeats, and a long hilly road run. No one can accuse me of not having variety in workouts right now.

After a 10 week layoff this fall, my body has made HUGE gains in the past 3 months of training. For example, my recovery workout (5 miles) used to be at an average pace of 9:15 with a HR of 155. This week it was 137 HR at an 8:45 pace. My Saturday long run was a 147 average HR (75% of my max) with roughly 90 feet of elevation per mile. This was a very sustainable effort level for me. My goal for OP50 is about 10:35/mile. If I stay on top of nutrition and hydration, I should have a shot.

On the cross training front, I find myself doing mostly yoga right now. I am spending plenty of time running to elevate my heart rate and I really like the balance yoga provides. Yes yoga is hard work, but I don't get my heart rate elevated like I do with some of the other P90x stuff. I continue to do something almost everyday and a more strenuous workout about 3x a week. I also discovered a series of workouts from Kinetic Revolution. Everyday they publish a workout of the day (WOD). I recommend all runners do a few WODs a week -- they only take about 15 mins. Overtime, you can combine several of them to make a more complete and longer workout too!

On final note for the week, my summer plans are basically done. In the non-stop battle to find balance in my life, I had to cut pretty deep. It was a real bummer to back out of the Grand Canyon adventure. On the plus side, I have two friends committed to running their first 50 mile race (Leadville Silver Rush) and I am going to join them. Plans are well underway and we are going to do it right -- staying 3 days in a house with our kids. It should be a blast! We are also doing the Cheyenne Mtn 50K as sort of a long, hard training run. It is close to home and fits nicely into the schedule. And how could I not go back to Leadville in August? If you have ever been up there on LT100 race day, it gets into your blood. It is like inspired chaos watching people push themselves to the limit and beyond. This year I am going back as a pacer and I am excited to be aboard Wyatt's team.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest Yoga and PT
Tuesday 11 Mt Falcon Trail Run
Wednesday5 Recovery, Yoga for the Core
Thursday8Mile Repeats (6:30,6:28,6:27)
FridayRest Yoga and PT
Saturday 24Steady Paced Long, hilly road run
Sunday 4 Recovery
Total 52 About 5400 vertical feet

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  1. When you mentioned going back to Leadville I thought you were going to race it again, but I see you're "just" pacing this year :). Great week for you and I'm happy that you're feeling strong & healthy. Pat yourself on the back cuz it's all you. You take very good care of yourself!