Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Event Planning for 2013

It is early and lots could change, but I have put together a list of possible events for next year. The big fish is Western States. But, I won't know until December 8th whether I get in (roughly a 10% chance). Therefore, much of this planning, particularly from Early May on, will be influx. My general goals for the year are to do more short trail races, increase/re-gain my running speed, and do one or two ultras. I have indicated the events that are high on my priority list below with an *. Some of this will also be dependent on whether some of my friends commit to running an ultra with me. And, we may even consider putting together a strong relay team.

One thing I had not considered until the last few days is the possibility of trying to race another marathon in an attempt to BQ. If I decide to do that, the Colorado Marathon makes the most sense.

Frozen Front Range Marathon - January 26, 2013 (last year's blog)
Old Pueblo 50 - March 2, 2013
Highline Canal 50K (or more) - March 23, 2013
Cheyenne Mountain 50K - April 27th, 2013
Collegiate Peaks 50 - May 4, 2013
Colorado Marathon - May 5 - 2013
Quad Rock (25 or 50) - Mid May, 2013
Grand Canyon Adventure (last year's blog) - May 18, 2013
WS100 - June 29, 2013* (Lottery fail)
North Fork 50 - June 29, 2013
Leadville Marathon - Early July 2013
Barr Trail Mountain Race - Mid July 2013
Leadville Silver Rush 50 - July 14th, 2013
Mt Werner 50K - Early August 2013
Pacing Wyatt Hornsby at LT100 - August 17th, 2013
Aspen Backcountry Marathon - Late August 2013
Imogene - September 7th, 2013
Colorado Relay - Early September 2013
Lead King Loop - Mid September 2013
Boulder 24 Hour Run - Mid October 2013

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