Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 9/17 - 9/23

Week 5 of my Tendinosis injury and I spend the week resting mostly.  I have been traveling for work and did not have a ton of time. While I found myself walking a lot around the city (San Francisco), things were generally in full rest mode. I had an inflammation flare up when I did a bit of running, but that is now under control and I think I remain on a healing trajectory. I plan to start doing these short runs 2 or 3 times a week at the end of week 6 (beginning October 1st) and see if I can push up to 10 miles a week without any setbacks.


Off day due to work travels. (I am in San Francisco and LA all week).


AM - 1 hour

Worked out in the hotel gym.  I started with some HITT and then moved on to some strength training and then finished with Ab Ripper X.  At the end, I tried to do a short run at the end to test my knee and it was hurting badly.  Frustrating!

HITT (4 rounds with 20 lb dumbbells)
- Front Squat x 20
- Straight Legged Dead Lift x 20
- Bent over Row x 20
- Overhead Press x 20
- 90 seconds rest

Strength Training
- Leg extension (Single and double leg)
- Leg Curls
- Lat Pull down


Off day due to work travels. (I am in San Francisco and LA all week).


Off day due to work travels. (I am in San Francisco and LA all week).


PM - 1 Hour

Long walk with my wife and then some PT (foam rolling and stretching).


AM - 1.25 Hours

P90x: Check & Back with Ab Ripper X.

Push-up variations (2 times through): Push-up, Military Push-Up, Wide Fly Push-up, Decline Push-Up, Diamond Push-Up, Dive Bomber Push-Up.  First time through I did 25 good reps on all the push-ups but Dive Bomber (15).  The second time through I did 25 good reps of all the push-ups but Dive Bomber (10).  A total of 265 push-ups.

Back exercies (2 times through): Pull-Up, Wide Grip Pull-Up, Reverse Grip-Close Hand Pull-Up, Heavy Pants, Lawn Mower, Back-Fly.  I did 15 - 20 reps of each.

Ab-Ripper X: Dare I say it is getting easier?


AM - 35 minutes

I ran for 35 minutes on the Treadmill (4 miles) and things felt really good. It seems the pain from earlier in the week was just an inflammatory response to me trying to start working out again. With some Ibuprofen, I was pain free again in no time. I have begun icing and stretching right after these test runs -- in addition to my regimen of rolling and stretching I do during the day -- and I have not suffered any set backs yet.

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