Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 9/10 - 9/16

Week 4 of my Tendinosis injury and I spend the week focusing on PT, x-training, and some light cardio work. I feel like things are on the right track toward health, but finding the patience is difficult.


PM - 45 mins

Supposed to be a 90 min Yoga workout. It was strenuous -- is Yoga really this hard?! -- and I had to bail because it was causing my knee to hurt.


AM - 1 hour

This workout was supposed to be the DVD Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper X. I was bored of working out in my basement and felt like getting up early, so I did the back and legs at the gym and will do the Ab Ripper X this afternoon.

After a 3 min warm up on the row machine, I did 2 x 12 of the following:
- Squats (slow and low)
- Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
- Straight-legged Dead Lift
- Close Grip Lat Pull Down
- Leg Extension (one set with both legs, one set single leg)
- Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down
- Seated Leg Curls
- Seated Row
- Leg Press (VERY slow on the down)
- One arm dumbbell row
- Standing Calf Raises
- Some kind of upper back machine (I just needed one more exercise)

Finished up with some stretching and foam rolling. It feels good to work out in the morning. It sets up my whole day -- more energy, less stress, all good things...


PM - 1.25 Hours

A long walk with my wife.  Then some foam rolling and Ab Ripper X!


AM - 1 Hour

Worked up a good sweat on a TM hill workout at the gym (max HR 181). The good machines were all taken -- it drives me nuts when people use those expensive machines and then walk at 2 MPH on zero % inclince, use the crappy TMs for that people! -- so I had to stick with a regular TM and 14% incline. To make up for it, I alternated running at 4.5 MPH and walking/hiking at 3.5 MPH. I did about half a dozen 2.5 minute running segments in the hour. No pain during the workout, but my knee was barking for a bit afterward. Baby steps I guess. 2880 vertical feet equivalent.


PM - 1.25 Hours

P90x: Check & Back with Ab Ripper X.

Push-up variations (2 times through): Push-up, Military Push-Up, Wide Fly Push-up, Decline Push-Up, Diamond Push-Up, Dive Bomber Push-Up.  First time through I did 20 good reps on all the push-ups but Dive Bomber (10).  The second time through I did 25 good reps of all the push-ups but Dive Bomber (15).  A total of 250 push-ups.

Back exercies (2 times through): Pull-Up, Wide Grip Pull-Up, Reverse Grip-Close Hand Pull-Up, Heavy Pants, Lawn Mower, Back-Fly.  I did 15 - 20 reps of each.

Ab-Ripper X: Not my best performance as I just did it two days ago.  Still, I am improving, particularly on the movements with my legs "pulsing" straight up into the air.


PM - 2 Hour

Hiking at Brainard Lake (near Nederland, CO).

Seeing these photos -- and more importantly, experiencing them -- I am reminded what a beautiful state we live in! I am determined to enjoy more of it.


AM - 30 minutes

I went for a short (1.5 mile), pain-free run! It felt awesome. Things are not 100%, but I have a great degree of confidence that they are headed on the right path. After my run, we walked the dog and I did some foam rolling. The plan is P90x in the afternoon and maybe some track work with the kids.

PM - 1.5 hours

P90x - Shoulder and Arms, plus Ab Ripper X.  Then a short walk with the dog.

Almost 11 hours of activity this week. I feel good, particularly that I was able to do a short run pain free! I am going to keep after it and hope that in 2 - 3 weeks I can run 15 - 20 miles pain free.

I will leave you with this video that I find very inspirational:

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