Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 2/3 - 2/9

Tough week to train in Colorado: low temps, consistent snow falling, and lots of frustration. Due to the weather, I ended up doing quite a bit of road running and two "speed" workouts from McMillan running. Saturday's long run was a "tempo" effort with several miles at marathon pace and all on level terrain. One of the measures of training that I use is based around the time I spend in each HR zone. As a result of the three hard runs this week, I ended with 850 points, which is my highest total since June of 2013. (That phrase "since June" has been appearing in this blog a lot lately...) While I have only been tracking "Trimp Points" for a little over a year, it is my 6th highest total in that span. Long story short, I had a strong week of training. My biggest disappointment is the lack of vertical that went into my week. I will look to improve that this week with either some trail runs or hilly runs in my neighborhood.

This week my six month milestone since surgery passed. There is nothing magical except the reassurance that I should be full speed by this point. It is a milestone worth celebrating, but I have constant reminders that I am a work in progress. Nonetheless, this week I will likely round out my race schedule by signing up for one final event -- the North Fork 50 mile race in June. I will wait for things to unfold, but my preliminary thought is to make that my "A" race for the year and just enjoy the Bear 100.

Day Miles Notes
Monday OffYoga
Tuesday 7 TM - Pyramid
Strength Training
Wednesday5 Easy
Thursday7TM - Lab Rat
Strength Training
Friday4 Easy
Saturday 18Tempo Long Run
Sunday 6Easy
Total 473000 feet vertical

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