Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/27 - 2/2

The week started a little slow as I continued to recover from my virus from the week prior. Finally, on Wednesday, my body started sending signals that things were normal. I ended up running six days and put together a decent week. My left leg (knee) is starting to find a new normal, but I am always cautious as I try to include some weights and other sources of training stress. Winter is also really starting to weigh on me. Motivation is more of a concern right now than health. While March is an up and down month weather-wise, February is the toughest Winter month to preserver through. I'll just keep grinding a day at a time.

I finished the month of January with about 170 miles and a little over 15K of vertical. Both are about 20% behind my monthly average to get to my goal of 2500 miles and 215K for the year. I am neither surprise nor concerned that I am a bit behind right now. My hope is to approach the entire year like one long race, start slowly and just keep gaining momentum. Things like nutrition and fat efficiency are coming back slowly. Overall, I feel like my paces are pretty far behind, but I have done relatively little speed work the past few months. Of course the constant variation in weather makes that somewhat hard to measure.

Day Miles Notes
Monday OffRest
Strength Training
Tuesday 7 Easy w/ Strides
Wednesday6 Easy
Strength Training
Friday5 Snow Run
Saturday 14Snowy Long Run
Sunday 7Easy
Total 483300 feet vertical

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