Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 4/1 - 4/7

Wow, pretty good week on lots of fronts. I ran 4 times without any pain, though I wouldn't quite call things 100% yet. I got in a long trail run (2+ hours). I achieved my goal of 30 miles for the week. And,  I saw some progress in my HR -- a drop of 10 bpm on one particular run.

In addition to my active release technique massages, I am staying on top of icing. I am continuing to run only every other day (every 36 hours at most). And I started a strength training regimen from Consistency is the key right now.

Cheyenne Mtn 50K is in three weeks, and while it is clear I cannot "race", I am hoping that I can stay patient until then and use that race as my jumping off point to kick start a push toward Leadville Silver Rush.  I honestly think that even 35-40 miles per week until then is enough to keep me in a good place.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Off PT and Running Strength
Tuesday 6 Mile Repeats @ LT Pace
WednesdayOff PT and Strength Training
Thursday7Easy/MAF Miles
Friday13 Night Trail Run
Saturday OffPT and Running Strength
Sunday 6 Easy
Total 32 About 3600 vertical feet

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  1. AJ - went back to see you scaled back on the social media front from your blog... I usually take a break during the fall and resume the DM thing with marathon training in January.. but this year the break just kept going... all I seem to do is keep up with people on the weekends and my posting is more like a Twitter feed. But I like the optimism I see here on your results. Congrats on the way you handled this injury. I sure hope Chuck makes it to the line in Boston. All of us in Boulder send you a best-of for the 50K, and just know, when we get together with you again for a live run, we are still those true running friends, even if absent from the virtual running world!