Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/14 - 1/20

Awesome week. The week was capped with a great "tempo" long run on Sunday. After we started,  Jon and I decided to make it a progressive run and just run faster each mile until our final cool down lap. I sensed it would be a good run pretty early because we were having to slow down to keep our progressive splits from being too fast. When we capped with a 6:48 mile -- about 10 secs below my current half marathon PR -- it was obvious we both nailed it and left plenty of gas in the tank. I honestly think these long progressive runs are one of the best workouts an endurance athlete can do.

With three weeks of training to go, my outlook for my race is starting to be pretty positive. I have been experimenting with Generation Ucan lately. I love it as a pre-run meal. But I think the real value might be as a during the run beverage. I am going to experiment with it by mixing the plain with both Roctane and Perpetuem.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest Yoga Melt
Tuesday 7 Easy
Wednesday5 Recovery
Thursday8Hill work, P90x - Chest, Back, Ab Ripper
FridayRest 20 min of Stretch, Yoga for the Core
Saturday 14Ultra-specific Workout
Sunday 18 Tempo Long
Total 52 About 3400 vertical feet

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