Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 7/30 - 8/5

This week was kind of a dud. I pushed it pretty hard in my Leadville training preparation week and my legs were blasted come Monday. It wasn't a tough decision to take a few days off to recovery, particularly since I was traveling for work. But it left me feeling disappointed about a poor first week of taper.

On the upside, the highlight of the week was the Leadville Night Run hosted by Brandon Fuller. It was a difficult run -- I just don't have the timing of eating and hydrating for an 8pm run well-timed at this point. And I went out a little too hard. The result was a pretty constant bonk from miles 13 - 20. There were a number of high quality runners in this crowd and it was easy to feel a bit unprepared.  (Many of them had already run 15 - 30 miles for the day.) I finished in the top third of the runners -- though it wasn't a race so it's tough to judge the significance of that -- and somehow I came away feeling a bit disappointed about my prospects for race day. But I quickly got over that. I've worked hard in training and I am well prepared for the challenge. I'll just have to line up and give it my best shot. However, I am noticing a tendency to get a little negative in the mind. My pacers have some work to do keeping me upbeat and working hard regardless of how the day goes.

Anyway, the night run was a blast and I am glad I went. All of the runners were friendly and it was good to meet some of the people that are consistently near the front of these things!

Less than 12 days to the start of the LT100!

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest
Tuesday Rest
ThursdayRestCore Workout
Friday8 TM Maffetone Run
Saturday 20Leadville Night Run
Sunday 7 TM Recovery Run
Total 71 About 3600 vertical feet

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