Friday, August 3, 2012

Leadville 100 Training Recap


The race isn't here, but now that training is mostly done, I suddenly have lots of time to blog. One of the things I to do is reflect on my training. This reflection gives me an appreciation for how much I have accomplished and truly remember to enjoy the journey. To analyze my training, I used several sources of my data collecting sources. And, being the analytical guy that I am, I sliced and diced it several ways. I think the below surprises even me. However, I also feel a great amount of pressure to not waste this effort. It is doubtful I will ever train this hard for another 100 miler. This one has to count!

Training was technically a 24 week period that started in early March. However, many of these stats are YTD because I was training for the Colorado Marathon as of Jan 1st. Thus, training has more or less continued right through the year.


  • 200K of vertical YTD
  • 1700 Miles YTD
  • Six weeks of B2B Longs
  • Two super longs (50+ miles)
  • Seven weeks of 70+ miles in an eleven week period
    • No doubles 
    • Average of 5 days per week
  • 532 miles of trail YTD (2.5 times 2011 totals)

Summary of My Longs

  • Two super long runs of 50+ miles
  • Seven runs lasting 5 or more hours (three as part of B2Bs)
  • Twelve runs between 3 and 4 hours
  • Twelve runs between 2 and 3 hours
  • Thirty three total long runs totaling  723 miles,137 hours, and 100K of vertical

Summary of My B2Bs

  • Week 4 - 34 miles and 5 hours
  • Week 13 - 33 miles and 6 hours
  • Week 14 - 43 miles and 8 hours
  • Week 18 - 52 miles and 9 hours
  • Week 20 - 43 miles and 7 hours
  • Week 21 - 48 miles and 12 hours

Summary of My Vertical

  • Avg of 25K per month YTD
  • Core months (May - July) were an average of 36K per month
  • Averaging more than 10K per month more than 2011
  • Two runs with 12K or more of vertical
  • Two runs with 5K or more of vertical
  • Twenty-four runs with 2K or more of vertical
  • Four climbs that were individually more significant than Hope Pass
    • Grand Canyon North Rim - 6K
    • Grand Canyon South Rim - 5K
    • Alpine Gulch (San Juan) - 4K
    • Carson (San Juan) - 5K

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