Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Training Wrap - 3/19 - 3/31

I can't tell if this week was a step forward, but I'd like to think it was. I started seeing a chiropractor certified in ART to deal with my ITB soreness. At first, I questioned whether it was doing anything, but now I am more sore than I was before I started seeing him. Hopefully that is just the healing taking place.  In any case, I put in a few more miles and remain hopeful that each week will improve. The trails are going to be clear with the up coming weather and I am dying to get on them!

Day Miles Notes
Monday Off PT and Strength Training
Tuesday 5 Easy/MAF Miles
WednesdayOff PT
Thursday5Recovery Miles
FridayOff Strength Training
Saturday 10Open Space Trails
Sunday 5 Easy
Total 25 About 1800 vertical feet


  1. AJ, Dr. Joel is the best chiropractor on the planet. Not sure if that's who you saw, but if you are looking for more chiropractic help I highly recommend him. My wife and I have been seeing him for over a year. Just thought I'd toss that out there.