Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 10/1 - 10/7

Week 8 of my recovery and I am starting to feel optimistic about my progress. So optimistic that I am considering a March event.  The most important thing right now is not to push it too much and risk a setback. That said, my second concern is trying to make sure I don't lose any more fitness, so I am going to get creative and try to find ways to keep improving. In total, I ran more than 20 miles this week.


PM - 1 Hour

Treadmill power-hiking workout at the gym. I did this sort of Maffetone-style where I tried to stay in a given HR range (150-155) after I warmed up. This workout serves two purposes for me: 1) getting my HR up to help keep my fitness and 2) helping with future ultras by practicing power-walking.

2.77 miles and 2400 vertical feet.


PM - 1 Hour

I am a little bored with P90x, so I took my talents to the gym this AM. This was sort of two different workouts:

Workout 1 - PT/Rehab on my knee
- 3 x 8 of single-leg extensions.  I worked primarily on the eccentric portion.
- 3 x 12 of leg press. Again, I worked primarily on the eccentric portion (counted to 4 on each down movement)
- Quad stretches and foam rolling

Workout 2 - Light Shoulders and Arms
- 3 x 12 Overhead Dumbbell Press working on a smooth movement with a focus on the eccentric portion
- 3 x 8 Seated Dumbbell Curl super-setted with the above
- 3 x 8 Overhead Tricep extension
- 3 x 12 Kettlebell Upright Row
- 3 x 8 Barbell Curl
- 3 x 12 Tricep kickback super-setted with the above


AM - 1 Hour

40 mins (4.25 miles) of outdoor running and then stretching, icing, and foam rolling.

PM - 1 Hour

Ab Ripper X and a 45 minute walk with my wife and dog.


Scheduled off day.


AM - 1 Hours

P90x - Legs and Back. I really like this workout as a way to x-train my legs. I would recommend this workout to all runners.

It always feels good to start the day with a hard workout and then a recovery shake. I make my own recovery shakes with:
- Unswettened Coconut Milk (or Almond)
- Udo's Oil
- Chia Seeds
- Fruit (usually bananas and/or berries)
- Whey Protein
- Spinach and/or Kale

That is a meal packed with nutrients and good stuff (including lots of "healthy" fats!).


AM - 1.25 Hours

First I ran 8 miles at an easy pace. Afterward, I spent time stretching, foam rolling, and icing.


AM - 1.00 Hours

A four mile run with some Fartleks. I actually felt like my fitness may be coming back just a bit, or at least not continuing to slide.

Afterward, some stretching, foam rolling and Ab Ripper X.

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