Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 4/23 - 4/29

This week was somewhat disjointed as I continue to balance multiple things:

  1. Trail running - I love it and look forward to it all week long.
  2. Cross training - squats, push press, and dead lifts are a central part of my plan to have strong quads for LT100.
  3. Recovery - the thirty-two mile run from the Sunday before required a few days to get fully energized.  I could run, but speed work wasn't happening for a few days.
  4. Tapering - with Colorado a week away, I am trying to rest and fine tune things for race day.
I remain optimistic that I am doing the best I can on all fronts. That said, I am excited to race Colorado this week and move on because I have a HUGE plate of events this summer -- at least one a month. For many of my friends, Colorado Marathon represent the finish line of a training cycle and the beginning of some easier/maintain-fitness weeks.  For me, I am gearing up to shift my focus to only one goal. In summary, bring on Colorado! Then bring on the rest...

And before I leave, I guess I will mention my goals for Colorado Marathon. After careful consideration and discussion with Jon, I have decided that a 3:15 goal is appropriate. Based on my sub-1:32 half marathon (into a 20 MPH head wind) at Platte River two weeks ago, he thinks I could go after a 3:10 if I were willing to lay it all out there and redline my body.  (By the way, 3:10 would be a BQ for me.) But, the plan is to NOT redline my body and NOT lay it all out there because I have less than two weeks to my Grand Canyon R2R2R attempt. The belief is that 3:15 is achievable without killing myself. It would be fun since I have been mentally chasing that number since my blow up in Las Vegas RnR. Of course, knowing he thinks I have 3:10/BQ potential is a bit of a tease! Who knows, maybe if I have enough left in the tank to run sub-7:00 (DOUBTFUL) the last 6 miles then I will go for it. Equally possible is that I get 18 - 20 miles in and decide to back off if I'm not feeling it. We'll see.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest x-training
Tuesday 5 Recovery Pace
Wednesday9 Trail Run
Thursday92 x 1 mile @ 10K
FridayRest Hard weights
Saturday 14 GA Taper Long
Sunday 8 Trail Run
Total 44 About 4700 vertical feet

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