Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Training Wrap - 09/05 – 09/11

This was my biggest mileage week since before the Leadville Marathon (June 20 - June 26).  It was supposed to be a cutback week, but my race next week forced me to swap the schedule.  Next week will be easy miles and then the Lead King Loop 25K on Sunday.  Tough week of running and I am looking forward to some easy miles next week.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 10 Unscheduled open space run.
Tuesday 5 Recovery pace
Tuesday 4 Fun run to try out my Hattoris
Wednesday 10 Mile Repeats (6:58,6:53,6:48,6:35,6:30)
Thursday 5 Recovery pace
Friday 2 Easy miles in my Hattoris
Saturday 23 Long run with some MP miles
Sunday 6.5 Easy pace
Total 65 About 4500 vertical feet gained

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  1. Solid week AJ! Looking forward to a full analysis of the Hattoris and your opinion!