Monday, September 12, 2011

Race Week - Lead King Loop

This week I will be running the Lead King Loop and Quarry Climb in Marble, CO.  This is a wonderful small town race to support the local charter school.  It is a 25K, or as they call it in Leadville, a "heavy half".  The town of Marble is near Aspen and very beautiful.  This time of year is usually good to see Aspen trees changing color as well.  Here is a preview of the Lead King profile.  It climbs approximately 2900 feet in a 4 mile span from .5 mile to mile 4.5 and then descends the rest of the way.  Based on previous years' results and similar courses, I should be able to run this between 2:35 to 2:45.

I'm excited for the race because we are making it a family weekend in Marble.  My buddy Tony secured us some cabins at the Beaver Lake Lodge, which is walking distance to the start line.  We will be heading up Friday night and then we'll enjoy Marble and Carbondale on Saturday before racing on Sunday Morning.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome race AJ! Hope you and the family enjoy the weekend!