Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 9/8 - 9/14

This first week of "taper" is kind of hard for me to call a taper because I usually end up in the high 40 or 50 mile range. So, I've started calling it more of a cut-back week. Nonetheless, the cumulative training stress was far less than the previous week or a typical hard/peak training week. Now that I have officially entered taper, I am pretty nervous about the race. Of course, the goal was always to qualify for Western. But, now that it is here and the only thing in front of me, I want more than that. I'd love a 24 hour finish. If I peek at training, the honest answer is that I trained much harder for LT100 two years ago. I could bore you with details, but trust me, I did. What's worse is that things are sort of trending the wrong way. The last three months I have run fewer miles and less vertical each month. On the positive side is the fact that I have experience now and have had a very successful year racing. I would also say that my training this year has maybe been less grinding and more consistent. All that said, the key that I am banking on is nutrition. If the LCHF diet that I've been using all year doesn't provide the benefits I am hoping for, then it could be a long race. I guess the only thing to do now is be patient and then toe the start line and find out...

Day Miles Notes
Monday 101 min Fartleks every 3 min
Tuesday 7Easy
WednesdayOff Strength Training
Friday18 Deer Creek
Saturday 7Easy
Sunday OffRest
Total 516,500 feet of vert

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