Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 8/4 - 8/10

Another week in the books. The aggregate stats are pretty much a normal week, but somehow it felt like much more. I had a great day in the mountains on Saturday hitting four 14ers. It wasn't an epic day other than the fact that it is just a rare treat for me to get up that high (nine total 14ers climbed now). But, it was 4+ hours on my feet, 3500 feet of vert and a boat load of time up high. And, of course, it is always special to spend a day with my son, doing anything.

From the false summit on Democrat. I never get sick of the views up this high!

Looking up the final pitch to summit Democrat

Dylan is a natural! He has climbed four 14ers and he's only 9. He needs trail shoes though!

Looking North over the ridge between Democrat and Cameron.  Amazing.

Same view over the ridge.

One more for good measure!

From Mt Cameron looking straight ahead at Mt Lincoln.

The summit of Mt Lincoln.  I was the only one on the summit without a Jacket!

The steep, loose descent down from Mt Bross. I "surfed" this descent for the most part.

Another view of the descent.

I followed it up with a solid, but once again unspectacular, run on Sunday. Twenty-one easy trail miles with a few hill repeats. Changing my current trend, I took no food on this run and just got by on fluids for 3+ hours. The sum total was an 11 hour week, so I am happy with that. Next week will once again be tough because I am pacing and crewing my buddy Chuck at the Leadville 100. After that, things turn somewhat normal and I hope to find a nice final block of training before I put a wrap on this cycle.

On a positive note, things have been somewhat crazy the past few weeks, but I have managed a block of 215 miles and 39K of vert the past 4 weeks. The mileage is low, but the vert is high. I sort of expected that is how it would workout as I switched to Bear 100 training. If I can squeeze it in, I may try to bag another trip up Hope Pass this weekend.

Day Miles Notes
Monday OffRest
Tuesday OffRest
Strength Training
Wednesday9 Easy w/ Progression
Thursday6Easy w/ Strides
Friday9 Easy
Strength Training
Saturday 8Democrat + Cameron + Lincoln + Bross
Sunday 21Bluffs + Open Space + Coyote Ridge
Total 51About 7,700 feet of vert

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