Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Training Wrap: September

It was a banner month, I ran 21 miles in eight outings after running a total of 13 miles in July and August combined. Sure, that is nothing close to normal for me. But, it is a start. I am getting out regularly to enjoy some easy Fall running. My knee feels better but not great. I am eight weeks beyond surgery and still in the zone where I have to be careful not to tear my stitches. Each run feels a bit better than the last, but there is some random pain and stiffness that I must work through in order to break up scar tissue. I am told this is all normal, but it sure does test my patience and discipline. In addition to short runs every other day, I am doing a pretty good regimen of cross training to keep my legs strong and help stabilize the quad and knee. And, I have pretty much put the bike away for the year.  It was getting annoying and I rode far more miles (600+) than I ever intended this year. Hopefully October continues to see my progress improve and I am ready to start a decent build up in November!

One last note, I think about a race schedule and training options on a daily basis. But, I really won't have any clue what 2014 looks like until after the Western States 100 lottery in early December. It sure would be nice to make my return to racing in Squaw Valley!

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