Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 12/17 - 12/23

I said I was going to do a cut-back this week and I have pretty much lived up to that. It was a good thing because the weather sure made it tough to do anything hard outdoors. I did still get in a fair bit of "quality" with a mini-B2B on Friday and Saturday totaling nearly 4,500 of vertical in two days. In fact, Saturday's hill repeats turned into an anaerobic workout like intervals. I have now completed my first 12 weeks of training back from injury and I feel like my fitness is returning. Even though my HR monitor is being a stinker right now, the readings I am getting suggest that I have a base of miles worthy of doing some hard training.

I am actually sort of eager to turn the page to 2013 and get focused on the Old Pueblo 50. In fact, I am hoping that race will be a pretty big 50 mile PR and a break through to my future ultra events. But, I do tend to be a dreamer! Appropriately, I wrote my 2012 year in review this weekend as well.

Here is some video I shot at Deer Creek Canyon on Friday.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest Yoga and PT
Tuesday 6 Easy with Progression
Wednesday5 Blizzard Run
Friday14 Deer Creek in Snow
Saturday 10Hill Repeats
Sunday Rest P90x Legs, Chest, Ab Ripper X
Total 41 About 5900 vertical feet

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