Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 7/16 - 7/22

Almost there! Tough week of training to grind through mentally. The good news is that I am not worn out physically after running 224 miles in the past three weeks. My Sunday run was very solid when comparing pace (9:15 on hills) to effort (135 avg HR). At long last, I get to head up to Leadville this week and see the majority of the course over 3 days of running. This is still technically a training week, but hopefully it wouldn't feel as hard mentally. Training has been spot on for me and I could have imagined it playing out any better. I need to close this week out strong and then taper aggressively. As Jon would say, the hay is in the barn!

Here is some video of Chuck and me running at Waterton Canyon. The last song seems to be everyone's favorite.

Probably the biggest thing I did this week was right an initial race plan.  There is a ton of detail and most of it will probably change after 40 or so miles!

26 days to the start of the LT100!

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest Light x-training
Tuesday 10 Most Efficient Pace Miles (8:30)
Wednesday6 Recovery Pace
Thursday10Most Efficient Pace Miles
FridayRest Rest
Saturday 26 Waterton Canyon and Indian Creek
Sunday 14 Most Aerobic Pace Miles
Total 66 About 6700 vertical feet

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