Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/30 - 2/5

The beginning of this week was excruciatingly painful. I was hoping to run on Monday and break 235 miles for the month, making it my biggest month since June. Unfortunately, my quads were way too sore from the monster run the Saturday prior to even attempt it. It may have even been questionable to run on Tuesday, but I managed through the pain.

The big news this week was a massive snowstorm that really caused havoc on the Denver metro area, breaking a 100 year old record for the largest February snowstorm in the state. It is likely to leave the trails and sidewalks a mess for weeks to come. Fellow blogger John Byrne posted a great treadmill power-walking/hiking workout  that I have been hoping to try. Saturday was the perfect opportunity to use the treadmill and avoid the snow. I was happy with the results, climbing the equivalent of 2900 feet in 60 minutes. This is a great workout substitute for trail runners that can't easily get out to a mountain or trail for practice. Immediately after the hill workout I did a tempo workout for two straight hours of running.

I have set a short term goal to run 250 miles in February as I build my way back toward 300 miles.

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest Crazy sore quads
Tuesday 7 Recovery Pace (very painful)
Wednesday10 GA Pace
Thursday 12GA Pace
Friday9 Snow run (blizzard)
Saturday 4 TM Hill Workout - 2900 ft vertical
Saturday 9 TM Tempo Run - run 2 of 2 for day
Sunday 7 Recovery Pace
Total 58 About 6600 vertical feet gained

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