Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/16 – 1/22

When last we left our hero... Alright, so I'm no one's hero, but it was kind of a cool introduction, right? Anyway, in last week's installment of my Weekly Training Wrap I indicated that I was in a funk. A week later, I feel pretty much the same in regards to the causes of this condition. However, I think I possibly underplayed the role of two factors.  The virus I developed at the end of last week really played mind games with me. It wasn't until I started feeling better that I recognized this. And, more importantly, the doldrums almost always get to me at this time of year. While I don't think I am depressed, I certainly struggle with energy and mood this time of year.

The larger question at play, what did I do about? The first thing I did is step back and look at the larger picture. As part of that process, I decided to revamp my training plan and put the focus entirely on LT100. The Colorado Marathon is no longer a goal race. Don't mistake that as me saying I won't give a 100% (or hope to PR), I just won't train with a focus on it. In addition, I took a week off of organized training to give myself a little mental break. I still had a good week, including a great trail run. It felt nice to do things at my own pace. Finally, I talked with several good friends to keep help me gather my thoughts and clear out the gunk. I am so fortunate to have a great group of running friends that put up with my constant analysis.

This week is going to be a little different as I am traveling a few days and hope to participate in the Frozen Front Range Marathon on Saturday. The FFRM is a Fat Ass group run that will allow me to meet other ultra/trail runners and get a good long run with vertical into my early season training. I'm excited for it -- hopefully the weather holds up.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 10 Deer Creek Trail Run
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday5 Recovery pace
Thursday 8GA Pace with hill sprints
Friday4 Recovery pace
Saturday 18 Long Run
Sunday 7 Easy pace
Total 52 About 4900 vertical feet gained

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