Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Training Wrap - 10/10 – 10/16

This was a BIG week for me. In fact, it's not hard to argue that it is one of the hardest weeks of running I've done all year. The combination of the massive LT run, the MLR, and the near MP twenty miler sure was a ton of work. I feel like I really nailed them all. The LT run was difficult to read because it was on a treadmill at a low elevation (500 feet in Austin), so there was some estimation in how to pace it. And the 20 miler was probably 15 - 20 seconds too fast, but it felt comfortable on the heels of a rest day Friday. And I have two recovery days (Sunday and Monday) before my next hard run. I describe that pace as near MP because it was on hills (71 feet gained per mile), at altitude (4000 feet higher than Vegas), and with a bit of wind. Add that all up and I figure it is worth 20 or 30 seconds per mile, meaning the level of effort I exerted was near marathon pace.

Next week will be interesting because the plan introduces the tune-up races into the schedule. I've decided to substitute some long intervals instead. On Saturday I plan to run 2 x 4 miles at roughly HMP for roughly 11 total miles. And then on Sunday it calls for a 17 mile long run. That sort of takes me back to the summer where I was doing back-to-back long runs.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 7 TM Recovery miles in San Antonio, TX
Tuesday 11 7 progressive LT miles at an average pace of about 7 min/mile
Wednesday5 Recovery miles in Austin, TX
Thursday 12 Early morning MLR at about a GA pace
Friday Rest
Saturday 20 A hard (borderline MP) 20 mile run
Sunday 5 Recovery miles
Total 60 About 3100 vertical feet gained

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