Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/20 - 1/26

Tough week. Early in the week I started feeling a cold/virus coming on and by midweek I felt steamrolled. By Thursday, I was sleeping in a fetal position under the covers and shaking. This has to be the worst I have felt since the week before I ran my first 50 mile race -- Leadville SR in 2011. I am very fatigued, congested, and have lost five pounds. After three days of rest, I tried to make a comeback on the weekend and felt sluggish and tired both days. Despite super easy paces, my HR was about 10 beats per minute too high for each run. Good thing these kinds of weeks don't happen often. The other good thing was that I had a chance to bank some good early week miles with Monday being MLK day.

The positive thing happening is that my knee is feeling pretty strong and there have been no setbacks despite pushing an average 35 miles per week for two months now. I am starting to want to push toward 50 miles per week and possibly six days of training. In fact, I had hoped to do that last week before I got sick. To make up for the additional running, I am going to try to do a little cross training each day instead of scheduling days for it. The goal would be to do fifteen to thirty minutes or four to six exercises five or so days a week.  I can easily fit this kind of work in while I watch TV or at lunch or whatever -- it is just a question of making it a priority. I guess that is always the case with cross training. Another goal is to make sure I am doing it in a way where I am not sore all the time.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 10Ridgeline Trails
Tuesday 7 Easy/Base
WednesdayOff Strength Training
FridayOff Rest
Saturday 7Easy/Sluggish
Sunday 11Easy/Sluggish
Total 36

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