Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Running Goals

It is that time of year and so I will play along! I am feeling as healthy as I have felt in many months and my optimism is high. My goal in having surgery last August was to be 100% and ready to attack 2014. I think I am more like 85-90%, but trending the right way.

Measurable Goals

  1. Finish my 2nd 100 mile race (Bear 100) - I never planned to run a 100 in 2013, so that is one thing I did right! I knew I needed a year off from the challenge and I am glad I took it. But now I am ready. And I am ready for a different scenery besides Leadville. Of course, I need it to qualify for Western States 100 too...
  2. Run 2500 miles and 215K of vertical - Done right, I think these numbers are both attainable and in my wheelhouse. In the past, I have entertained thoughts of being a 3-4K mile guy, but I am not. I get injured. I lose motivation. I miss my family.
  3. PR in the 50 mile distance (8:59?) - the 50 mile distance is sort of the tease for me. I don't have enough experience, nor do I train enough miles, to feel like I can "race" a 100. But for some reason, I really believe I have a good 50 mile race in me. I came close last year at Old Pueblo. I would love to break the 9-hour barrier in a reasonably hard 50 (at least 6K of vertical?).

Less Measurable Goals (Resolutions?)

  1. Be kinder to me - I tend to beat myself up about little things. If I get injured, I get upset with myself for not cross training enough. And I cross train more -- and more intelligently -- than just about any runner I know. When I have a bad day of eating, I do the same thing. A very good goal for me in 2014 would be to accept that bad things and bad days will happen and that I cannot control/fix/avoid them all.
  2. Be more versatile and flexible - this stems from a training post I wrote a while back and many conversations that I have had with friends since then. The point is that I have often get rigid in the way I think about training, cross training and nutrition. I have gone through numerous iterations on all these topics. One of my goals for 2014 is to be a better runner at all distances from the mile to 100 miles. So I need variety in my training. I don't need to constantly pound out back to back 20s on the trails every weekend. And, I'd like to be more flexible with my cross training -- mix it up. That is after all the point of cross training! And finally, this relates to the little things everyday. I am so used to having a plan on paper and then forcing a workout in. I'd like to just take more of what each day gives.

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