Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 11/19 - 11/25

This week was sort of all over the place. My schedule called for the first set of B2B runs, but relatively gingerly with 12 and 10 for Saturday and Sunday. I was out of town with my family for the weekend, so I squeezed those runs in earlier in the week. Then, I did a bunch of easy running on Thursday: first a warm up solo and then the Castle Rock Turkey Trot races with my kids. Friday was my most enjoyable trail run in some time. We took it nice and easy and just enjoyed the day.

I think I was reaching a point of over doing it early in the week. Tuesday night I was feeling pretty wiped out and unmotivated. After 10 easy miles on Wednesday my outlook changed a lot. I guess the combination of running 21 miles on Sunday then coming back Tuesday early (4:30 am) for 11 hard miles really taxed me. Fortunately some easy running has me feeling 100%, energized and motivated to get going.

Friday was significant as well because I have been dreading trail running since my fall. I suppose it is natural to feel some hesitation after such a nasty injury. It has been four weeks and I still have two pretty sizable, deep wounds on my knee. And, there is a bit of swelling/scaring remaining as my body continues to heal. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to impact my running. But my range of motion is somewhat limited and it has hard to do any kind of exercise or stretch that requires putting my knee directly on the ground.

Next week is back to some hard running, including a super long run!

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest P90x - Legs, Chest, Ab Ripper
Tuesday 11 GA Run (harder side of easy)
Wednesday10 Easy
Thursday3Turkey Trot with my kids
Friday11 Deer Creek Canyon
Saturday RestRest
Sunday 7 Hill Workout
Total 47 About 5000 vertical feet

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