Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 8/25 - 8/31

Not exactly a week of specific training, but training nonetheless. The goal was 50 miles and 8 hours this week to try and keep my fitness at some type of baseline. I knew I'd have to settle for road miles as I work back into running from my ankle sprain. I made the mileage goal but came up a bit short on the time goal -- guess I am too fast :)  My ankle is feeling decent, mostly just a bit achy and still tender in that inversion position. This upcoming week I will try for some easy/ginger trail miles to get back into the swing of it. Two hard weeks left before taper and I hope to put in one last good push.

I finished August with 190 miles and 27K of vert, well below my intended goals of 250 miles and 40K of vertical gain. Such is life with 10 days of training lost...

Time to rise up....

Day Miles Notes
Monday OffStrength Training
Tuesday 8Easy
Wednesday9 Easy
Strength Training
Friday17 Long Road Run
Saturday 7Easy
Sunday OffRest
Total 9

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