Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 8/18 - 8/24

Most of my close friends know this, but I have not yet acknowledged it yet here, I messed up my ankle pretty good the Friday before LT100. I was stupidly trying to prove something on Hope Pass and rolled it bad with a half mile to the finish. (I had a damn good time going too -- 2:10 round trip to the summit!) My ankles are strong and I've survived numerous rolls, but there was no pulling out of it. I am guessing at least a grade II sprain. Obviously, that isn't great with only 6 weeks left until Bear (only 4 now, really). As a result, I wound up missing my opportunity to pace Chuck and have spent the better part of this week cobbling together any kind of training I could in between icing and PT work. Fortunately, I managed about 6 total hours this week with my bike. And, I doubled my usual cross training work. Right now, the ankle is improving and I can probably consider hour long runs. But, my margin for error is basically zero. The greatest risk right now seems to be the possibility that I re-aggravate it doing too much too soon. In particular, I am concerned about doing big vertical or technical trail runs. Any setback could make training the next 4 weeks impossible. Ugh.

The upside of this challenge is that I am not overly concerned with the big picture stuff. I am just trying to take it one day at a time and keep improving, walking the fine line between continuing to train and not being stupid.

Day Miles Notes
Monday OffStrength Training
Tuesday OffBike to Work
WednesdayOff Rest
ThursdayOffStrength Training
FridayOff Biking and Stair Master
Saturday 4Easy run and 20 mile mtn bike ride
Sunday 5Open Space
Total 9

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