Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 7/23 - 7/29

Well that was a climactic ending to my training!  I am officially in taper after finishing the week with some training in Leadville in for the Leadville 100.

We ran 58 miles, 14 hours, and 12K of vertical in a 48 hour period over the weekend. My legs are beat up, but my spirits are high. There were dozens of runners training this weekend and I felt as prepared as  any of them.

July is not officially over, but it looks like I will finish the month with 310+ miles, almost 40K of vertical, and more than 52 hours of running (that doesn't include x-training!).  I picked a great time to have my best training month ever. This race is now about my mind, my strategy, and my patience.

19 days to the start of the LT100! And I am freaking out.
Day Miles Notes
Monday 8 Hill Training on TM
Tuesday 5 Recovery Pace
WednesdayRest Weight Training
Friday9 Leadville Night Run
Saturday 31Leadville Long Run
Sunday 18 Double Crossing of Hope Pass
Total 71 About 14000 vertical feet

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