Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/23 – 1/29

This was a solid week for me.  I feel like I am getting my mind and body back on track. I broke in some new Red Kinvaras on Monday and Tuesday. Then I got my first two Treadmill workouts of the year when I traveled to Dallas. Saturday was a tough trail workout that I enjoyed a lot.

Next week I hope to get back into a little more regular routine. But some of that will depend on how much recovery I need from the Saturday trail run.

This week's big announcement comes from my wife: she is going to try and train for a marathon. That's right, training is all she's committed to. She hasn't signed up for the race yet. Her running friend has signed up for the Steamboat Marathon in June and training kicks off today. They are hoping to train together, and if it goes well, then Johanna will sign up sometime this Spring. If you've ever met my wife, then you know that she won't have a problem running it if she trains. She just needs to find the motivation to get out and run everyday, particularly in between now and Spring. I will say this, it's starting to get a life of it's own because she has been telling people :)

Day Miles Notes
Monday 8 GA Pace
Tuesday 7 Recovery Pace
Wednesday7 Recovery Pace with Hill Sprints on TM
Thursday 10Progression TM run
FridayRest x-training
Saturday 20 Frozen Front Range Marathon
Sunday 6 Recovery Pace
Total 58 About 8600 vertical feet gained

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