Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 1/2 – 1/8

This was my week on the new marathon plan.  On the whole, I would call it a success.  Since I have been keeping a base close to 50 miles, the entirety of the week did not feel all that challenging.  But, some of the individual runs felt challenging.  What I really like is the constant changing of pace.  It has forced me to change up some normal routes (to seeker flatter areas to run) and keeps my attention focused on shorter segments of time.  It keeps me mentally engaged in what I am doing and not so worried about "just getting it over with".  I am looking forward to some of the more challenging long runs later in the plan.

I have been struggling with some alignment issues in my back and causing a bit of knee and ankle pain.  A trip to the chiropractor has me heading the right direction again, but I may go one more time next week just to be sure.  I've also amped up my core training and stretching again.  Both seem to help keep me in balance.

Day Miles Notes
Monday 8 Fartleks 8 x 20sec @ 3K
Tuesday 10 Easy pace
Wednesday5 Recovery with Hill Sprints
Thursday 9GA pace with 4 x 800
Saturday 14 Fast LR pace with 1200' gain
Sunday 5 Easy pace in fresh snow
Total 51 About 3600 vertical feet gained

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