Monday, September 21, 2015

Training Update

Well, I've run 900 miles and 110K of vertical since my last training update; I guess I am a bit over due. I have intentionally treated the second half of this year a bit differently than the first, where I had a very detailed plan for how I would attack Western States 100. Even if it was somewhat unguided, I have been training. I guess you could say I have training OCD. A kinder thing to say is that I just love the rhythm of training and don't believe in showing up for an event less than fully prepared. In any case, I trained without much of a plan for July and August, choosing to take advantage of opportunities to run with friends and try to enjoy the summer with my family. When September rolled around, I got serious about putting together a mini-training cycle to prepare for my final race of the season, Javelina Jundred (100k). In addition to that, I added a tune-up race in the Bear Chase 50k this weekend. For this weekend, I have thought about some goals, I honestly don't know what to expect. It will be the "easiest" 50k that I've run so I don't really know how much or how fast I can run... we'll see.

The two things that stand out from training since Western States is a bit more focus on quality (with a bit less quantity) and a bit less vertical gain. I still get out to the mountain trails on occasion, but I am definitely keeping my focus on "runnable" terrain since both of my upcoming races fit into that category. Additionally, I have had a slight uptick in my cross training sessions. I'd like to get into the gym three days a week over the winter, but I am happy with 1 or 2 days a week right now. Barring a setback, I am on pace for personal bests in both distance and vertical gain this year. My body has held up well, but I do plan to ease off the gas quite a bit after JJ.

And, lastly, I have thought a bit about 2016 races and have a few things in my mind. It will once again come down to lotteries (maybe not lotteries for my own races, however!).  I hope to have that all nailed down by year end.

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