Saturday, January 24, 2015

Western States 100 - Crew and Pace Strategy

Information here is based on the following page from Western States Official Site. Information also taken from the aid station page on Western States site.

The first half of the course is somewhat remote and rugged and difficult for crews to get to all the allowed aid stations. WS100 recommends that you either have a single crew ("A") or two crews ("A" and "B"). Steve and I are considering a plan where we split crews the first half of the race to minimize the time without seeing crew. Should we decide not to go with this strategy, then my crew will only be at the aid stations marked for crew "A". (The other possibility is to see crew "A" at Robinson Flat, Michigan Bluff, and Forrest Hill.) Notice that crew "A" and "B" are only necessary until Forrest Hill.  From that point, only one crew is necessary.

Course Profile - borrowed from

Course Map - borrowed from
Crew A - Chuck and Heather
Crew B - Kara and Thomas

Destination Mile 24-Hr 30-Hr Cut Off Time of Day* Crew Drive Time
Duncan Canyon 23.8 4:50 6:05 12:00 PM9:50 AMB3.5 Hours
Robinson Flat 29.7 6:20 7:55 1:50 PM11:20 AM A - Shuttle2.5 Hours
Dusty Corners 38 7:55 10:15 4:10 PM12:55 PMB3 Hours
Michigan Bluff 55 12:20 15:50 9:45 PM5:20 PMA1.5 Hours
Bath Rd 60.6 13:30 12:30 ---6:30 PM A* - Chuck-
Forrest Hill 62 13:45 17:45 11:45 PM6:45 PMA - Heather 20 Mins
Rucky Chucky (far) 78 17:40 23:00 5:00 AM10:40 PMA** - Heather 45 Mins
Green Gate  79.8 18:20 23:55 5:40 AM11:20 PMA*** - Foot -
Hwy 49 93.5 22:10 28:00 9:20 AM3:10 AMA - Shuttle 1 Hour
No Hands Bridge 96.8 23:10 28:55 11:00 AM4:10 AMA -
Robbie Point 99 23:40 29:35 11:00 AM4:40 AMA - Heather-
Finish 100.2 23:59 29:59 11:00 AM4:59 AM
30 mins

* - Walk in from Forrest Hill - 1.0 miles
** - Walk in from Green Gate - 3.25 miles
*** - Green Gate is 1.25 mile walk-in from designate parking area

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  1. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Just thought I'd chime in and let you know that I appreciate you documenting all of your training and WS race strategies on your blog. I'll be reading over it several times these next few months, I'm sure. Even though I'm pretty far down on the wait list, I'm going to attack this first half of the year as though I'm in and cross my fingers that it actually happens.