Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekly Training Wrap - 5/19 - 5/25

Eh, this was a so-so week. I wasn't sure what to say and I almost didn't post a training blog. Basically, I have been in this pattern of racing the past three weeks and I needed to cutback a little. Due to a weekend soccer tournament for my son, I did my long run on Friday. That resulted in me doing three long runs in 7 days for an aggregate of 87 miles and 11k in 7 days. Oops. I was feeling pretty tired on Saturday and Sunday and then again Monday from the long days at soccer fields.

As a result of the big miles and races, I haven't really done much "training" recently. However, the weekend races are all training runs of sorts with enough effort (not just long, slow distance) to sever a purpose. The midweek runs have become more maintenance runs and I've been using them to try and get some heat exposure as I expect that to be the one factor I am unprepared for on June 28th. With two weeks to go before cutback and taper begins, I am going to try and hit at least one key workout each week, not including my long runs. These runs will likely be more of the tempo and hill interval variety as I feel those are more specific to ultra running than track work.

Day Miles Notes
Monday OffRest
Tuesday 5 Easy
Tuesday4 Easy
Wednesday8 Hill Repeats
Strength Training
Thursday8The Bluffs
Friday18 Deer Creek
Saturday OffRest
Sunday 7North Table Mountain
Total 51About 7800 feet of vert

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