Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Training Wrap - 2/13 - 2/19

I moved back to a more familiar plan structure to me this week -- the ultra plan! The format of this plan will be pretty darn predictable for the next 30 weeks (other than race weeks) -- Monday off, Tuesday speed, Wednesday recovery, Thursday MLR (mileage eating), Friday off, Saturday and Sunday long.  Rinse and repeat. I really enjoy the two days of rest to recover and sleep in.

I spent quite a bit of time this week working on Leadville plans -- pacing strategy and pacers mostly -- and I am riding a sudden wave of motivation. Four weeks ago I didn't want to run. Now I want to run twice a day! The improving weather and anticipation of spring certainly helps. Yes, I admit that having easy access to a TM is probably helping a bit as well. But I think the biggest difference is that I am getting close enough to start dreaming about the big day. The focus has become so clear that it is almost unbearable to wait six months. Leadville or bust. In true "AJ fashion", I am going to analyze this thing to death. I have no experience running 100s (and neither will my crew or pacers!), but I will have a strong race day strategy and I will work my butt off in preparation.

I also started a page on my blog that will be a collection of links to all my Leadville blog posts and resources.

Let's do this! A quick little motivational clip that I love with a great quote: "Strong is what you have left when you've used up all your weak".

Day Miles Notes
Monday Rest
Tuesday 8 Mile repeats @ 6:40 w 400m recovery
Wednesday5 Recovery
Thursday 14GA Pace
Thursday 4Afternoon TM power hike
Saturday 9 GA Pace
Saturday 4 TM power hike
Sunday 22 Long Run
Total 66 About 9100 vertical feet

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